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David Babka
guitar, slide guitar,
pedal steel guitar
Jaroslav Kvasnička
drums, percussion



Phil Shoenfelt
lead vocals, guitars

Pavel Krtouš
bass guitar,
backing vocals




23. 2.
Písek (CZ) Private party Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
1. 3.
  Bergen (D) Manja's Gasthaus Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
2. 3.
  Lenzkirch (D) Private party (Lenzkirch Kappel) Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
5. 3.
  Praha (CZ) Majk L'Atmosphere Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
7. 3.
Praha (CZ) Hospoda U vystřelenýho oka Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
16. 3.
Wörgl (A) Astner Saal/Hotel Alte Post Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
23. 3.
  Havlíčkův Brod (CZ) Private party Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
29. 3.
Brno (CZ) Stará Pekárna Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
30. 3.
Mikulov (CZ) Mikulov Sympozium Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross (+ Eturnity)
3. 4.
  Karlovy Vary (CZ) Klub Paderewski Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
6. 4.
Praha (CZ) Kaštan Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
27. 4.
  Domažlice (CZ) Rodriguez Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
8. 6.
Světlá nad Sázavou (CZ) TBA Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
10. 8.
Chrudim (CZ) Yanderov – festival Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross (trio)
24. 8.
Touchovice (CZ) TouchenFest 2019 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross



17. 1.
  Berlin (D) Haltestelle Eberswalde Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis (special guest: Chris Hughes)
19. 1.
  Berlin (D) Privat party (Prenzlauerberg) Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis (special guest: Chris Hughes)
20. 1.
  Berlin (D) The.Word.Berlin Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis (special guest: Chris Hughes)
2. 2.
  Louny (CZ) Music Bar Za zdí Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka



19. 1.
  Ebensee (A) Kino Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross, support: Mer De Trois (A)
6. 2.
  Praha (CZ) Majk L'Atmosphere Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
3. 3.
  Ulm (D) Hudson Bar Phil Shoenfelt solo
8. 3.
Praha (CZ) Hospoda U vystřelenýho oka Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
23. 3.
  Praha (CZ) Žižkov Nights 2018/Žižkovská noc 2018 Phil Shoenfelt with Sweet Positive
7. 4.
  Praha (CZ) žižkovšiška Phil Shoenfelt with Sweet Positive (Azalea SoSweet/Chris Hughes/Phil Shoenfelt). CD release party for "At Her Majesty's Pleaseure" on the Moloko + label
11. 4.
  Praha (CZ) Kaštan Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
19. 4.
  Praha (CZ) Potrvá Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
27. 4.
  Roudnice nad Labem (CZ) Snack Bar Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
4. 5.
  Copenhagen (DK) Cafe Svejk Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
5. 5.
  Copenhagen (DK) Cafe Svejk Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
17. 5.
  Praha (CZ) Bistro U Veselé Kozy Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
18. 5.
  Leipzig (D) Wave Gotik Treffen - festival (more information) Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross (5.30–6.40 pm at Volkspalast Kuppelhalle)
24. 5.
  Praha (CZ) Venuše ve Švehlovce Phil Shoenfelt & Chris Hughes (Dim Locator), Venuše ve Švehlovce, Prague 3. Prague Microfest (4 day international festival of literary and culture organized by Charles University Philosophic Faculty). Phil will also participate in a book-reading event. Dim Locator play 21:00-22:00; book readings begin at 22:00
7. 6.
  Praha (CZ) Rock Café Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
15. 6.
  Praha (CZ) Drug Me Fest, Kasárna Karlín Phil Shoenfelt solo + others
16. 6. (6 pm)
  Praha (CZ) Bubec Cultural Centre Phil Shoenfelt solo (Special guest at Art Safari Festival of renowned Czech sculptor Čestmír Suška)
24. 6.
Trhovky (CZ) Rekreační středisko Trhovky (Orlík) Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross (PRIVATE PARTY)
23. 8.
Copenhagen (DK) Studenterhuset Phil Shoenfelt solo
25. 8.
Copenhagen (DK) Cafe Svejk Phil Shoenfelt solo
4. 9.
Praha (CZ) Hospoda U vystřelenýho oka (open air) Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
7. 9.
  Teplice (CZ) Jazz Club Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
22. 9.
  Praha (CZ) Rock Café Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross + The GoHo Hobos
"Harry's Birthday Party"
29. 9. (7:30 pm)
  Řevnice (CZ) Lesní divadlo Řevnice (25 let nakladatelství Maťa aneb 20. zelený tulipán) – open air festival Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross + The Plastic People of the Universe, Zuby nehty and many others
21. 10.
  Ioánnina (GR) Beatnik Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis
23. 10.
  Athens (GR) Tiki Bar Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis
24. 10.
  Thessaloniki (GR) Rover Bar Phil Shoenfelt with Vintage & Used
25. 10.
  Mesologgi (GR) Kochlias Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis
26. 10.
  Ptolemaida (GR) Mandrakoukos Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis
27. 10.
  Drama (GR) Nils Phil Shoenfelt & Baron Anastis
2. 11.
  Březnice (CZ) "November Underground" (Sklepení Jezuitské koleje) Phil Shoenfelt solo + book reading
3. 11.
  Praha (CZ) Parukářka Phil Shoenfelt solo
9. 11.
  Dresden (D) Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz Phil Shoenfelt solo
10. 11.
  Dresden (D) The Red Rooster Phil Shoenfelt solo
22. 11.
  Praha (CZ) MUSIC BAR KAMINA BOAT Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross
15. 12.
  Vlkovec/Chocerady (CZ) Krčma U žraloka Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka
21. 12.
  Ústí nad Labem (CZ) Čajovna U vysmátý žáby Phil Shoenfelt solo (+ Pepek a námořník + Patti Smith Revival band + two poets: Luděk Marx and Adam Vostárek) "Underground v Žábě"







The Czech Republic
Jaroslav Kvasnička
+420 602 367 107
Abroad (for English-speaking contacts only)
Phil Shoenfelt

+420 777 746 321








Phil Shoenfelt is a veteran of the London, Manchester and New York punk and post-punk scenes.

After getting caught up in the London punk explosion of 1976–1977, he moved to New York where he played with several Downtown bands, such as The Nothing and Disturbed Furniture. In 1981 he formed the post-punk band KHMER ROUGE with Barry "DJ Scratchy" Myers on bass, Marcia Schofield on keyboards and Paul Garisto on drums. DJ Scratchy worked with The Clash on their first three US tours. Marcia went on to play keyboards with The Fall, and Paul played drums with Psychedelic Furs and Iggy Pop. Another Khmer Rouge drummer was the artist Claus Castenskiold, who has designed album covers for The Gun Club and Kid Congo Powers.

The first performance of Khmer Rouge was at the 1981 White Columns Noise Festival, which was organised by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. The band later played shows at CBGBs, The Peppermint Lounge, Danceteria and The Ritz. They also supported artists such as Alan Vega, The Gun Club, Tom Verlaine, Nico and The Clash at concerts on the east coast of the USA.

Khmer Rouge was managed for a time by legendary photographer Nat Finkelstein, famous for his books “The Factory Years” and “Edie”. Finkelstein collaborated with Andy Warhol on “Andy Warhol’s Index” and was responsible for many of the classic black and white photos of the Velvet Underground. He also filmed a ground-breaking video for the Khmer Rouge song “New Assassins”.

In 1984 Phil returned to London, where Khmer Rouge continued for another two years. During this time the band supported The Fall on two UK tours. They also recorded several songs with the English producer John Leckie and played regularly in London clubs. The band split up in 1986. A double Khmer Rouge CD, New York-London 1981–86, was released by the UK label Voiceprint in 2004

For the next two years Phil concentrated on writing songs and making demos. In 1989 his first solo recording, a 12 inch single “Charlotte's Room” b/w “The Long Goodbye” was released on Mark E. Smith’s Cog Sinister label. The recording was produced by Tony Cohen, renowned for his work with The Birthday Party and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

In 1990 the UK label Paperhouse Records put out Phil’s first solo album Backwoods Crucifixion. In 1993 his second album, God Is The Other Face Of The Devil, was released by Humbug Records. During this period Phil supported Crime & The City Solution and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds on UK tour dates.

In the summer of 1994 Phil toured in the Czech Republic, backed by the musicians from Tichá Dohoda. One year later he moved to Prague on a permanent basis. There he formed his current band PHIL SHOENFELT & SOUTHERN CROSS with Pavel Krtouš (bass guitar), Jarda Kvasnička (drums) and Pavel Cingl (violin). In 2014 Pavel Cingl left the band and David Babka joined on lead guitar, slide guitar and pedal steel guitar.

With Southern Cross Phil has recorded five albums to date: Blue Highway, Dead Flowers For Alice, Ecstatic, and The Bell Ringer.

In 1997 Phil founded FATAL SHORE with Berlin-based Australians Bruno Adams and Chris Hughes (Once Upon A Time; Hugo Race & True Spirit). The band toured Europe and became a popular act on the Berlin club scene, notable for their intense live shows and sonic improvisations. Fatal Shore made 3 CDs between 1997 and 2007: The Fatal Shore, Free Fall and Real World.

In 2004 Adams became sick and was diagnosed with colon cancer. Fatal Shore continued touring, but in June 2008 the band played its final concert at Ebensee Kino in Austria. Bruno died in 2009 after putting up a long, brave fight, and Shoenfelt and Hughes decided to discontinue the band. A final CD, Setting The Sails For El Dorado, was released in 2011. The album is dedicated to the memory of Bruno.

Phil also collaborated with Nikki Sudden, playing lead guitar in Sudden's band on European tours in 1997 and 1998. After the second tour the pair went into a Berlin studio and recorded Golden Vanity, an album of co-written songs that was released by the UK label Easy Action in 2009.

In November 2010 Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross released their fourth studio album, (Easy Action Records). The album marked a change in the band’s musical direction from atmospheric indie rock to a more edgy hard rock sound. With nine original songs and a James Williamson-approved version of Iggy Pop & The Stooges' "Open Up And Bleed", the album features a remarkable cover painting by ex-Khmer Rouge member Claus Castenskiold. One song from this CD, "Stupid Rock Star", was included on the 2014 compilation, "Shark Infested Waters". Also included on this CD are tracks by Iggy & The Stooges, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Patti Smith, Johnny Thunders and many other classic artists.

In 2011 Phil started a new band, DIM LOCATOR, with drummer Chris Hughes and bass player Dave Allen. Based in Berlin, Dim Locator is an outgrowth of the work Hughes and Shoenfelt did with Fatal Shore and features music co-written by all three members. The sound of Dim Locator is based more on drones and guitar loops than conventional song structures, taking inspiration from the "kraut-rock" bands of the 1970s. To date the band has released a Download-EP Immortalised (a three song tribute to Rowland S. Howard), a 7 inch single of two of Howard’s songs, "I Ate The Knife" b/w "Undone", and Wormhole, a mini album containing four original songs. In July 2016 a live CD Six Miles Deep was released on the German label Moloko +.

In addition to writing and playing music, Phil has also written several books. To date, he has had five titles published: Junkie Love (a fictionalised autobiography); The Green Hotel/Zelený Hotel (poetry and song lyrics); Magdalena – Books One and Two (a collaboration with the poet and artist Kateřina Piňosová); Kamikaze Skull (twenty poems co-written with UK performance artist Sophia Disgrace); and Stripped (a trilogy of books set in New York in the years 1979-1984). The first part of the trilogy was published in Czech translation in December 2012. The second part – Underground Incognito – was published in May 2016.

Junkie Love first appeared in Czech translation as Feťácká láska. It was published in English in 2001 by Twisted Spoon Press and went on to win the Firecracker Alternative Book Award (New York, 2002). Since then it has it has been translated and published in Italian by Fazi Editions of Rome. An extract from Junkie Love was featured in Erotika – Drogen und Sexualität, an anthology edited by the German philosopher Wolfgang Sterneck. In 2006 Junkie Love was licensed to Ebury Press/Random House for UK and Commonwealth distribution. Shoenfelt’s writing has also appeared in literary magazines such as Gargoyle, Prague Literary Review, Optimism, Hele, Blatt, Apple Of The Eye, Morgana, Vlna and Vlak.

A new Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross CD, The Bell Ringer – Live At The Shot-Out Eye, was released in June 2015. The album was recorded in the summer of 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of the band.

At present, Phil is writing songs for the next Southern Cross CD and working on Book 3 of Stripped.

















"The Bell Ringer" - Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Live at the Shot-Out Eye
Promotional video slideshow of a new live CD "The Bell Ringer" -
recorded 5th August 2014 at the Shot-Out Eye Pub
(Hospoda U vystrelenyho oka) - open air - in Prague (Czech Republic).
Photos by: Eliška Richterová, Alena Hrbková, Zuzana Oplatková, Jiří Schmachtel,
Markéta Butalová and Miroslav Bárta.
Thanks a lot!


Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Martha's Well
Vesnický hudební klub Chotěmice (CZ), 16. 7. 2016


Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Bloodshot Eyes
Rock Café Prague (CZ), November 7, 2015
Thanks to Jirka Cherokkee


Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Stupid Rock Star
Rock Café Prague (CZ), November 7, 2015
Thanks to Jirka Cherokkee


Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Open Up And Bleed
Rock Café Prague (CZ), November 7, 2015
Thanks to Jirka Cherokkee


Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross - Darkest Hour
Jazz Club Teplice (CZ), March 6, 2015

More videos:





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The Bell Ringer CD Party, Rock Café, Praha (CZ) 2015 facebook

Live CD recording, Hospoda U vystřelenýho oka , Praha (CZ) 2014 facebook


Komorní klub, Ostrava (CZ) 2014

Stará pekárna, Brno (CZ) 2014 facebook


Fléda, Brno (CZ) 2010

"" CD Party, Palác Akropolis, Praha (CZ) 2010 facebook


Parukářka - open air, Praha (CZ) 2010 facebook

Podviní - open air, Praha (CZ) 2010


Thessaloniki, Block 33 (GR) 2010 facebook Photos on Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross' FB profile facebook


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Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

(Artwork - graphics and layout © 2015 Pavel Krtouš,
front cover - mixed media artwork © 2015 Claus Castenskiold)

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Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka

(Photo © 2014 Eliška Richterová)
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Plakát A3 - Phil Shoenfelt & Southern Cross

Plakát A3 - Phil Shoenfelt & David Babka

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(Photo © 2014 Eliška Richterová)
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